The Marble Cowl, Crochet Free Pattern


Photo of myself standing out in the snow, wearing a rainbow and black crochet cowl and a giant puffy black coat.


Do you like your cowls cozy as can be and toasty to the max? Then the Marble Cowl is THE perfect pattern for you!

And did I mention it's ridiculously easy? Psst, beginners. Check it out!


I wrote this pattern several years ago on a whim, on a night I needed something quick and extra warm to get through the upcoming week of negative temps flooding in. (Oh the joys of Wisconsin winters.)

This pattern is by far the simplest I've ever concocted, so even if you just started crocheting yesterday - give it a go! Using nothing but chains, half double crochets, and some very minimal seaming, this cowl comes together in a flash and is the perfect mindless TV project!

Close up photo of the cowl, showing black and rainbow yarn marled together.

The extra warmth this cowl provides is due to the double-held yarn throughout the pattern, also making it sturdy enough to hold it's shape throughout continuous wear.

 Here's all you need to know - how to chain (ch), and how to half double crochet (HDC).


  • 2 skeins worsted weight yarn, different colors. Aprox 200-250y of each color (400-500y total) 
**Important notes on yarn choices: Myself and others have been able to make this cowl easily using one or less skein of each color from the following brands: Loops & Threads Impeccable Tweed, Red Heart Unforgettable, I Love This Yarn!, Lion Brand Homespun, and Caron Simply Soft for example. I designed it to be a two skein cowl! But please do pay attention to the yardage. The black and rainbow cowl pictured used exactly one skein of L&T Impeccable Tweed and far less than one RH Unforgettable using about . As far as colors and textures, mix it up! Experiment with your combos. Some of my favorite combos are soild/solid, solid/ombre, tweed/ombre etc. Stay away from super stiff acrylics, you want your cowl to be pliable and the double held yarn will create the sturdiness all on it's own!**
  • 9mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


Holding both of your yarns together, start by chaining 30 stitches. (Leave a long tail, so that you will be more easily able to weave your tails in later!)

Row 1: HDC into 2nd ch from hook and across the row. (28 sts)

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. HDC in each stitch across. (28 sts.)

Rows 3 - 40: Repeat row 2 throughout project until row 40. If you would like your cowl a bit snugger, leave it here. (I've had some people like the fit at 35 rows, so test and try different lengths!) But if you’d like a bit more room, you could go anywhere up to 45 rows. Give it a test - wrap it around your neck and see how it feels! I normally do 40 rows myself. Once you're happy with the length, fasten off. Didn't I tell you? SO simple!

At this point, you should have one looong rectangle of colorful stitches!

Next, lie your piece flat in order to seam your piece together. You can really use any seaming technique you like, but I prefer the mattress stitch for this cowl to keep the seam nice and invisible and flat!

And just like that - you're done! 

Now all that's left to do is pop it over your head, snuggle up, and bury yourself in your cowl like a turtle all winter long. 

Photo of a super cute lady wearing a blue marble cowl in the snow with her hands up in excitement!

Thanks to @theselfcarestudio for this beautiful photo 

I hope you all enjoy this free pattern. If you have any questions feel free to message me on IG or email me at

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I can't wait to see what you make! :)

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A quick personal note and thank you: THANK YOU for being here and reading this today, and for having interest in my work. I know people share and post their patterns every day, and while it is of course wonderful and exciting, it shouldn't be a giant huge deal. For me it is, for one very specific reason. Because I believe very much in transparency even when it comes to my little business, I will share this: I am not a finisher. I never have been. I have incredible hopes and dreams and wonderful intentions, but I struggle to finish just about anything I start. (Hence the enormous pile of WIPS and unfinished plushies by the dozens laying in every corner of my house at any given time.) Between my depression and my recent clarity via diagnosis of adult ADD, being able to conquer and complete this feels like I just hurdled the top of a very tall mountain I have been climbing for years. So hell yes to this! To this giant little accomplishment! And here's hoping this momentum will carry me through to sharing the rest of the fun patterns I have been putting together over the last 8 years with you all.💜💜💜

Until next time!


*Pattern and photographs are property of MarchOfTheBlackSheep and are for personal use only. Distribution of this pattern for profit in part or in whole is not allowed. You may sell finished pieces made from this pattern, but PLEASE properly credit me with a link to this pattern.*

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  • I Love COWLS! What a great pattern!! Ok….I am only now learning how to crochet from my mom…but I am going to show her this in the hopes that she can help me make it. :)

    Love all the photos…IN THE SNOW!

    Much Aloha from SUNNY California ;) ,

    Mika Harmony

    Mika Harmony

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